Vietnamese Spring Roll

Plenty of fresh vegetables and shrimps with great taste of lemon.
The sour taste of lemon goes well with fresh shrimp.
Every bite is going to satisfy your mouth.

10 shrimps , 5 Vietnamese rice paper , carrot, cucumber, green papaya, 150 grams of cooked rice noodles , 2 eggs , 2 tablespoons of white sesame seeds , 50 grams of parsley
Seasoning: 3 tablespoons fishsauce, sugar, and vinegar
Spring rolls sauce: 1 tablespoon of fish sauce, water.2 tablespoons ofsugar, and vinegar. Few garlic, pepper ,and peanut.

1. Slice carrot, cucumber, green papaya silk, and cook rice noodles.Egg mixes with seasonings, white sesame seeds, and parsley.
2. Vietnamese rice paper is softened with water, spread on a wet towel with a shrimp.
3. Roll the rice paper with the stuffing into a tight cylindrical shape. Dip the spring rolls with the sauce.

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